Types of Interpersonal Relationships

Kinship/ family relationships which include genetic  relationships or through marriage. They are described as co-sanguinity and affinity relationships; the first is through blood but the second is by choice.

Formalized intimate relationships/ long term relationships - those which are recognized by law through a public ceremony like a civil union


Non-formalized intimate relationships -Loving relationships where the people involved live together or not. The significant other is either a lover, boyfriend or girlfriend. If partners live together, the relationship resembles a marriage and by default become a husband and wife.


Soulmates - These are individuals who are drawn to each other through a favorable mental interaction. They have mutual respect, understanding and feel bonded for a lifetime.


Casual relationships -They are characterized by the fact that they have sexual aspects. They include one night stands and friends with benefits.





Platonic love - An affectionate relationship where the sexual element does not enter, more often than not they are deep friendships between the opposite sex.


General friendship - This consists of mutual love, respect, trust, and often unconditional acceptance. This is because of the discovery of a common ground between the individuals involved.



Brotherhood/ Sisterhood -This is usually due to the sharing of common interests, a formal membership like a club, society, lodge, fraternity or alumni of a school. This is also similar to comradeship of fellow soldiers.





Colleagues/ partners/ or co-workers- people who share a workplace or institution. They share professional lies and at times they transcend into personal relationships.