Qwerty Love: Effects of Technology on Interpersonal Relationships

Modern technology may prove destructive on occasion because of the obsession with the virtual at the expense of the real. However, it is possible to maintain and build interpersonal connections on both sides of the divide. the use of both physical interaction and virtual interactions can augment our existing relationships and also create new ones. The biggest advantage with our generation is that we can keep in touch with people and to use all of these tools that we have, whether your tool of choice is the telephone or something more like Twitter or Facebook.

The popularity of technology can lead to a difficult sort of balancing act, though. People can spend the majority of their day staring at their cell phones rather than talking to others. While we are all still figuring out how to manage and how to best do both, our face-to-face relationships are as important as we also keep track of things on our online presence portfolios. Therefore, we need both, the real and the virtual to make better use and strengthen our interpersonal relationships.