The Blood Donation Process

  • Donating is entirely safe and confidential. Adults have between 5-6 litres of blood in their body and after donating, the body replaces lost fluid within a matter of hours and cellular content within 2-3 weeks. In fact, when giving blood, the only thing you’ll feel is good about yourself.
  • The whole process is extremely quick and easy – and including registration and health checks, takes roughly half an hour. In fact, it’s so effortless it won’t make an impact on your life. But you’ll be a hero to us.
  • We ask that you have something to eat or drink before you attend the session
  • Simply turn up, register at reception and we’ll ask you to fill out a short health questionnaire
  • If you’ve never donated blood before, or haven’t donated in the last two years, you’ll have a personal and confidential discussion with one of the Blood Transfusion Services (BTS) staff.
  • We’ll then make sure your iron levels are high enough to donate by giving you a short finger - prick test.
  • Then you’ll move to a donating bed, to proceed with your donation which will take between 4 and 11 minutes. Your donation will then be taken away for testing. After a short rest we will provide refreshments and a big thank you.

Prior education process at the information desk.

  • When you arrive at the blood donation site, you will find someone to usher you in and welcome you.
  • At this level potential donors are screened for suitability
  • The questions asked assist in identifying if a potential donor is suitable. In cases where they unsuitable they are deferred.


  • Anyone below 50kgs is not allowed to give blood. At the weighing point, your weight will be checked to ensure you qualify.
  • If for no other reason, it’s always nice to refresh your memory so don’t hesitate to pass through this point.

Blood Pressure and Blood Density

  • Your blood pressure is checked especially if you are 40 years and above.
  • Hemoglobin concentration has to be more than 12.5 grams per deciliter. This proves that you have enough blood to donate.


  • This will be done by a donor clerk. The following questions are asked and entered in the donor registration form:
  • Your names
  • Date, month and year of birth
  • Name of the institution and address where you are donating
  • Your contact address including phone number
  • Marital status
  • Your sex
  • Your donation record: how many times have you donated?
  • Your weight
  • Blood group (if you have documented proof)
  • Date of collection

Blood donation

  • You will be ushered to your donation bed where you will donate blood.
  • All the equipment used is sterile.
  • One pint of blood or 450 mls is collected. Its ok if you do not fill the bag. Whatever amount is collected will help in one way or the other.
  • After donation you are advised to rest on your bed for at least 5 minutes to allow your blood flow to stabilize.


  • You will be escorted to the ‘REFRESH YOURSELF’ site where you will be served with a soft drink.
  • This will help replace the lost fluid. It’s also a time to relax and have a good time.

Super hero feeling

  • You have just done your good deed for the day
  • The entire blood donation process is as friendly as possible. The donor’s reservations are respected especially to avoid embarrassment. All questions or clarifications are addressed accordingly.

Confidentiality is a very vital part of a professional service. Information by a donor is treated with maximum confidentiality. Personal information is given to the blood service technicians to ensure the safety of the blood supply. Under no circumstances is the confidentiality broken.