Brief LGBTI Dictionary

Bisexuals are people who are emotionally, physically and sexually attracted to both men & women.

Bottom refers to the passive/receptive sex partner during male ‘homosexual’ sex.

Coming Out is when we share our identity as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) person. Coming out to family and friends usually happens as part of a process over a period of time.

Gay men are those who are emotionally, physically and sexually attracted to men, and who identify as gay. Gay is sometimes used broadly to mean gay men and women, although many women prefer to be referred to as lesbian.

Gender identity is our psychological and social sense of who we are as male or female.

Hate crimes is when people are targets of crimes involving physical & mental abuse, like rape, assault & name calling (defamation).

Heterosexual people who are emotionally, physically and sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex. 

Heterosexism is the assumption or belief that everyone is heterosexual, or, if not, that they should be. 

Heteronormativity describes the manner in which many social institutions/policies are seen to reinforce heterosexist beliefs. Heteronormativity believes that human beings fall into two distinct and complementary categories, male and female. Heteronormativity believes that sexual and marital relations are normal only when between two people of different genders. Heteronormativity beliefs that each gender has certain natural roles in life. 

Homophobia is that irrational fear of, hatred against and disgust towards homosexuals or homosexuality. Homophobia can result in people not wanting to associate with lesbians and gay men. 

Homosexuals are used to describe people who are physically, emotionally, and sexually attracted to people of the same sex. Homosexual is a term more commonly used to refer to gay men, than gay women.

Intersex people are born with full or partial genitalia of both sexes or with underdeveloped or ambiguous genitalia. 
Intersex people are born, or with unusual hormone or chemical combinations. The existence of intersex people challenges the idea that there are only two biological sexes.

Internalize is when we feel something within ourselves, e.g. if we internalize homophobia, we hate ourselves because of our sexual orientation.

Lesbians are women are emotionally, physically and sexually attracted to women, and who identify as lesbian. 
Mainstreaming LGBTI issues ensure they are dealt with as part of policies, laws, procedures, service delivery and everyday life.

Male sex workers, at times also called beach boys, these are men/boys who sell sex to men for money or gifts.

Msenge is an identity that refers to men who have sex with men sex with men (may infer femininity).

Out refers to someone who is open about their sexuality

Queer is another term often used to refer to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) people. Queer refers to those whose sexual orientation and/or gender identity or gender expression doesn’t conform to heteronormative societal norms.

Prejudice is an opinion, usually negative, formed beforehand without having valid facts or reasons.

Sexual diversity is being open to and including a range of ways of expressing sexuality. Sexual diversity is when someone is open to bisexuality, heterosexuality, homosexuality, Trans sexuality without prejudice.

Sexual orientation is whether we are homosexual (lesbian or gay), bisexual or heterosexual. Our sexual orientation shapes our emotional, romantic or sexual attraction to others.

Shoga is an identity that usually refers to men who are penetrated during sex (the passive or receptive partner) 

Transgender people have male and female personalities in the way they express aspects of their gender. 

Transvestite is a man who sometimes dresses as a woman for sexual pleasure. 

Some transgender people are referred to as androgynous when they express their masculine and feminine ‘sides’ equally. Some androgynous transgender people do not identify as male or female.

Top is used to refers to the penetrating/active sex partner during male ‘homosexual’ sex