Out Film Festival

In cooperation with the Gay Kenya Trust, the Goethe-Institut Nairobi organizes again this years OUT FILM FESTIVAL.The third edition of this festival promises to be as entertaining as the previous editions.

The film festival not only wants to celebrate queer cinema, but to make known to Kenya that a community that the general society deems secret exists. The festival promises a selection of films and documentaries from the region, continent and globe. The OUT FILM FESTIVAL is about celebrating life's challenges, love and diversity. Among others, there will be a screening of an American documentary dealing with sexuality and mental health among African-American men. 

Following movies will be shown: 


Finn’s Girl 
Dr. Finn Jeffries plays a new stepmother to her deceased lover's daughter Zelly. She also took over her lover's abortion clinic that is being protested by increasingly violent "pro-lifers". The movie covers, teenage angst, death threats, abortion issues and love. All in all, interesting drama. (Time: 88 minutes)

New Year’ Eve 
Living the life that many dream about, Baraza is an accomplished man and while his sons and dutiful wife adore him, he can’t help but feel trapped in hopeless despair. For years Baraza’s struggled with a dark secret identity that he must reveal tonight. However, when his son Terence announces that he’s about to be a father and needs Baraza’s help and guidance, Baraza must find the courage to come out clean. ‘New Years Eve’ is a story of truth, freedom and the ultimate price of both. (Time: 10 minutes)

(Courtesy of Commonwealth Writer’s Prize)

O Pacote (The Package) 
At a new school Leandro and Jefferson form an instant attachment and soon realise that theirs is no ordinary friendship. But young Jeff has something to tell. If they want to be together there's one irreversible thing Leandro must deal with. Something that is a part of the package. (Time: 18 minutes)

Face Off 
Two views on sexual diversity collide in this groundbreaking film based on ideas written by young Africans. On questions of tolerance vs. condemnation, understanding vs. prejudice, and love vs. hatred, where do YOU stand? This film was produced by Global Dialogues (Time: 7 minutes)

(Courtesy of Global Dialogues/Hivos)

A Girl Like Me 
Based on a true story. As a young boy, Eddie Araujo always felt different somehow. She started putting on her mom's makeup and wearing her mom's clothes, which her mom found odd. By the time she entered her teen years, Eddie could no longer hide the fact that she was a lot different, that she was meant to be female and not male. When she finally accepted it and with her mom's eventual support, Eddie changed her name to Gwen and started to live life as female until a tragic night changed everything. (Time: 88 minutes)

Anders als die Anderen /Different from the Others
One of the first gay-themed films in the history of cinema, Anders als die Andern / Different from the Others was banned at the time of its release, later burned by the Nazis and was believed lost for more than forty years. Using recently discovered film segments, still photos and censorship documents from different archives, Filmmuseum Muenchen has resurrected this truly groundbreaking silent film. (Time: 51 minutes)


You Are Not Alone 
A documentary examining many underlying psycho-social factors causing depression in Black gay men: struggles with sexual orientation and identity; being sexually abused by an older adult family member/relative/familiar or authority figure; pastors and imams declaring that a gay man is an abomination and encouraging ostracism from families and communities; low self-esteem, setting out to contract HIV as a form of suicide with the ensuing stigma and discrimination accompanying the diagnosis; and for many aging Black gay men, struggles with loneliness, isolation and abandonment, including desperation for affection, intimacy and sex. (Time: 65 minutes)