one2one in 2014: Infinite Possibilities

Even as 2014 begins, there are still 430,000 new infections per year (50 new infections per hour) among young people, with girls, young women and young men who have sex with men more vulnerable. Less than 40% of young people in Eastern Africa have adequate HIV prevention knowledge as well as sexual and reproductive health information. Stigma and discrimination is still curtailing young people’s efforts to live with HIV. Only 7% of health facilities offering HIV counselling/testing provide comprehensive youth-friendly services.

 Amidst all that, not all hope is lost. 2014 carries with it great promise, endless opportunities and infinite possibilities for Kenyan youth. Young people’s use of digital spaces is at an all time high, with 88% of 16-20 year olds in Kenya accessing the internet via mobile phones and computers, and 56% of 15-24 year olds visiting Facebook daily. There’s increased opportunity to reach youth with relevant information through web and mobile platforms. 68% of young people using internet and mobile phones say they would want to access more information related to sexual and reproductive health.

To this end, one2one is all pysched up and raring to go. The one2one integrated digital platform will remain the preferred option offering comprehensive quality SRH/ HIV/ GBV direct services & literacy to millions of adolescents & youth in Kenya. The intertwined mobile & web based portals will disseminate multiple and targeted messages aiming to: increase SRH and HIV knowledge among young people; create a forum for open discussion, sharing and counselling for young people to explore HIV/AIDS, sexuality, SRH issues & make informed decisions; link adolescents & youth to targeted & appropriate services; and to empower youth to advocate for relevant policy changes that affect them.

In the one2one integrated digital platform, we pride ourselves in making palatable the conversations that most people would otherwise find taboo. This summer, you can interact with us on any of our digital platforms on the following weekly topics.

  1. January 6th – 12th 2014: #Conquer2014 – Critical success factors for the year ahead: The People and Relationships; Soft Skills and Requisite Emotional Quotient; CV and Interview skills and Work Ethics; Budgeting and Personal Finance Management; Personal Branding and Stress Management.
  2. January 13th – 19th 2014: #Kuchill – All about Abstinence, Is it still an option in 2014? What are the facts? Are there real benefits? What are the challenges? What viable options/ alternatives to penetrative sex exist?
  3. January 20th – 26th 2014: #Condomize – Everything you need to know about condoms and lube.
  4. January 27th – February 2nd 2014: #HIVPrevention – Demystifying New HIV Prevention Technolgies for youth. Use and Abuse of PEP, Male circumcision, rectal microbicides & vaccines.
  5. February 3rd – 9th 2014: #BatteryLow – Sexual Dysfunctions: What are the risk factors, known causes, types, myths and facts, management and/or treatment in men and women
  6. 10th – 16th February 2014 - #Vals2014 – Dating and Relationships – Knowing, pursuing and keeping the one! How to spice things up to achieve physical, mental, emotional satisfaction; Deal Breakers in relationships, etc.

We look forward to participate in upcoming local and international conferences for learning and sharing experiences. Particularly, we are delighted to work with the Melbourne Youth Force to prepare AIDS 2014, the year’s biggest gathering of scientists, activists, government leaders and partners to step up the pace of getting to Zero.

One2one will continue its active membership and contribution in networks, capacity building and policy mechanisms such as: Global Youth Coalition on AIDS (GYCA), the Youth Peer Education Network (Y-Peer), Crowd Out AIDS amidst others.

Believing in building partnerships in order to transform the lives of young people, we look forward to cementing existing relationships and courting new ones with different Government departments and agencies, private sector, development partners, service providers and youth serving organizations and institutions.

We promise to keep you informed, educated, entertained and represented.