Having a disability, whether it is new or chronic, can seem incredibly difficult. Society is set up so that it caters towards people who are not disabled, even though 20% of people around the world have disabilities. Regardless of your location or lifestyle, you can make changes that make living with a disability easier and your life happier. By adjusting both emotionally and physically, you'll be able to accept that your disability does not define you or restrict your ability to be comfortable or happy.

Learn about your disability. Knowledge is power, so learning about your disability can give you the power to live with it. Particularly if the disability is new to you, you should speak with your physician about what to expect


Accept your situation. Possibly the hardest aspect of emotionally adjusting to a disability is coming to terms with your prognosis. While it is always good to hope for and work towards recovery, if you do so while looking at your current state with disdain, you may end up depressed and unsuccessful


Focus on your present and future, not your past. If you are new to having a disability as a result of an accident or a progressing illness, it can be very hard not to compare your present state to the way things were in the past. Letting go of your past goes hand in hand with accepting your situation