Lifestyle habits that may literally ruin your future

Despite the worrying trend on male fertility in Kenya, the risks can be drastically changed with a change in lifestyle. According to studies on male fertility, the decline in fertility can be linked to lifestyles that are adopted early in life by young men. These habits, though seemingly harmless can be costly in the long run.



Most people think that exercise is a tedious exercise, and that they are too tired and busy to fix exercise in their routine. Yet that walk, run or jog could secure your future and the future of a generation. In addition, that drink may not only cost you a liver alone, probably even a future. Cigarettes are no better, they are life threatening for you and any future children you hope to have.


It also boils down to which foods you take, frequency and how balanced your diet is. Which foods are these? What constitutes a balanced diet? What can you do to ensure that you maintain your fertility? Read more at,-tight-pants-causes-low-sperm-count