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Who runs the one2one Hotline?

one2one is run by a Kenyan NGO based in Nairobi called Liverpool VCT, Care and Treatment (LVCT). We are the leaders in the field of VCT service provision in Kenya and have lots of experience providing counseling, HIV testing, care and treatment services throughout the country.   

What is one2one hotline?

one2one is a unique sexual health and HIV hotline for youth in Kenya. The service is peer based and staffed by well trained and supervised youth counsellors. one2one is free when called from both Safaricom.

Is one2one hotline really confidential?

Yes! one2one is confidential and anonymous. We neither ask about your name nor record the number you have used to call. We only ask callers questions that help us improve our service, that is, how old you are, how you found out about one2one and the area you are calling from. But none of this information can identify you and you are free not to answer if you don't want to.

Can I call from my mobile phone?

Yes, at the moment, the one2one can be reached through Safaricom. However we are working to extend these services to mobile users on others network very soon.

When is one2one open?

The hotline services are open from 8am-8pm everyday. If you call at any other time you can leave a voice message with a number you can be reached with and we'll call you back during our opening hours. You can also leave a message through our chat function and we can email you back during work hours.

Who calls one2one?

one2one welcomes all calls from anyone with a question or a problem.  Although the service was established to deal with youth sexual health issues we do not restrict on other callers. 

What kind of questions or problems do people call with?

Most of the calls we deal with are about relationships, sexuality, psychosocial support, pregnancy and prevention, and sexual and gender based abuse, HIV/AIDS amongst many others. The range of calls is wide and we frequently deal with questions about sexual orientation, masturbation, drug use, STI, HIV Counseling and testing, and a variety of other youth related concerns. 

How do you let people know about one2one?

We use a variety of methods to inform people about one2one. This we do through distribution of posters and business cards in schools, business places and youth events. We also utilize other avenues of advertisement and marketing such as the Youth Advisory Council members, counselling and testing mobilization activities, the one2one website and through the Insyder and other teen magazines. In the last one year, we have increased our marketing efforts to rural areas especially Central and Nyanza Province through the Youth Advisory Council mobilization activities.

If I have a question can I email instead of calling?

Yes! If you have a question or concern you can email one2one and we'll reply as quickly as possible. You can mail us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


one2one has five female and five male counselors and nurses who are very dedicated and vibrant! Hotline staff can be reached through  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

How Can I reach you?

Click on the chatbox at the bottom of the page to chat with our hotline personnel or make a call directly. Kindly note that you will require a microphone and a speaker or headset so as to use the call function