one2one couple 2014

Does the end of #Vals2014 mean that love is over?

You can continue to fan the flame of love for the remaining weeks of February 2014.

Team #one2one is offering you and your partner a post spruced up post valentines gift hamper with exotic condoms, chocolate, flowers, wine, & all things nice (including a dinner for two).

Ignite your love with the magic of this post vals gift hamper by three simple steps:

1. Tell us the story of your love life - How & where you met, what you like most about each other the most, how you keep your love ablaze, how you protect your love, and/or much more about you...  

2. Post this love story with an album of at least 3 pictures (showing you and your partner in different activities/ events/ seasons/ moments together) on our fan page:

3. Get as many of your friends to like and comment on the album between today and 2359Hrs on the 27th of February 2014.

See more details in the poster. Write. Post. Like. Comment...