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Julius: Stress and Suicide cases can always be solved


Dealing with many Losses

Julius, 28 years of age and resides in Nairobi, was on the verge of committing suicide when he called 1190. I lost my house as it was built on riparian land. I also lost my job and car was repossessed by the bank owing to my inability to finish paying his mortgage. Within a very short period of time, I had been rendered homeless and was forced to live on the streets. I lost all hope and I felt very depressed.

My Early Childhood Life

I was born out of wedlock. Sadly, my mother abandoned me at the tender age of nine years. She remarried and was now living with his step-father in Australia. I was raised by an aunt and other relatives from my maternal side. For the better part of his childhood and into the early years of adult life, I did not know my father. My father remarried and has another family here in Kenya. I did not have any relationship with my paternal relatives.

My School Life

One very significant and very positive aspect in my life was passing my KCPE and being admitted to a national school. However, my relatives were against the idea of me going to the school I got selected in, citing lack of enough funds to cater for his school fees and instead proposing that he attend a district school near his village. This really crushed me and it was at this point in my life that I first thought of ending my life as I felt unwanted.

Soon after, I met a priest in whom I confided my woes and as good fortune would have it, the priest chose to support me through school where I studied for four years. I performed very well in my KCSE examinations well, scoring an “A” grade. In spite of this achievement, I still felt rejected and worthless. I was then called to the University of Nairobi to pursue Medicine, a course I pursued for two years before dropping out to pursue my passion which was Art and Design.

The Present Scenarios

At the moment, having had so many losses in my life, I was at the streets pondering on what to do, then I saw an advert written 1190, a toll-free tele-counselling platform that helps one to deal with mental health challenges. I dialed the number and expressed how I was feeling. By luck, the counselor who attended to me really took time to listen to me and provide guidance. She invited me for a face-to-face counselling which I went. As we were discussing, I felt heard and at least I became hopeful that things will turn out for the better. True to my instinct, the many sessions we had have really contributed to my positive mindset as I no longer look down on myself.

Life seemed  promising

One day, a good Samaritan found me in the streets, invited me to his house, gave me something to wear and a place to temporarily live. Life seemed so promising, I gained confident and tried applying for a job at a printing company which I got employed. Right now, I am taking one day at a time reminiscing on the far I have come. It is never over until it is over.



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