What is abstinence?

Abstinence or more precisely sexual abstinence is a choice not to have sex.

Abstinence is the only contraceptive method that can 100 percent guarantee against pregnancy.

Abstinence means different things to different people.For many people abstinence means; 

  • Not practicing vaginal sex, 
  • Not practicing any penetrative activity such as vaginal, anal or oral sex
  • Not practicing any activity that involves the stimulation of someone’s genitals. 


While all these different versions of abstinence offer protection against pregnancy, some of the above activities expose both partners to stis. [linkt to page of stis]

How effective is abstinence?

Abstinence is 100% effective as long as you’re actually abstinent. If you never get semen or cum on or in the vagina, pregnancy can’t happen. But if you do have unprotected vaginal sex — even just one time — pregnancy can happen. 

Since no one is perfect, sometimes people might be carried away by the heat of the moment and end up having sex. Good to keep condoms around you just in case to protect yourself from stis and unplanned pregnancy. Keeping condoms means you are being responsible and care for your partner. 

Does it offer STI protection?

Abstinence is 100% effective at preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections. If you don’t have any kind of sexual contact with another person, you can’t get STIs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of abstinence? 



Allows you and your partner to give each other sexual pleasure without causing pregnancy or spreading STIs

Increases trust and closeness between partners

Prevent pregnancy if you don’t have another kind of birth control available

Help you better understand your (and your partner’s) body

Help you learn how you (and your partner) like to be touched and what feels good

It’s hard to abstain and you might end up having sex








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