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Isn't it embarrassing to have an STI?

STIs are a major source of embarrassment for many people. For this reason, many people delay talking to their doctor about symptoms they are experiencing in the genital area.

Part of the problem might be that many young people and adults don’t feel comfortable being naked in front of the medical doctor who is a stranger to them. 

Others think STIs only affect people who are very promiscuous, so they refuse to believe that the disease could happen to them as well. 

Having an STI is really nothing to be embarrassed about. 

You probably don’t feel embarrassed when you get cold or the flu which are both caused by viruses just like many STIs are or when a cut on your skin gets infected with bacteria. 

For the same reason, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about getting an STI. Just realize that, unlike with a cold and flu, you’ll often get no warning symptoms, given that many STIs are symptomless – people who carry them often look and feel great. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of. STIs can happen to anyone who is sexually active. STIs have nothing to do with morality or hygiene. Just be safe and use a condom to prevent STIs. And contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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