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Sooner or later, nearly every man will ask himself if he is big enough—that is, if his penis is big enough to satisfy his partner. 

Let’s start by saying that a partner’s satisfaction during lovemaking has a lot more to do with what a man does and how he does it than with his size. 

That said, excluding rare cases of very short penises, men are generally more than equipped for sex.

When it comes to vaginal sex, in fact, the most sensitive areas of the female sex organs—the ones most closely linked with sexual pleasure—are concentrated outside the vagina (along the labia and in the clitoris) and in the first three inches of the vaginal canal. 

And when it comes to anal sex, the anal walls and the first part of the rectum have the highest concentration of nerve endings that produce strong sensations. 

Therefore, in both situations, it doesn’t take a particularly long penis to give your partner pleasure.

So, to get back to the original question, yes, you are most likely big enough.

If your erect penis is shorter than three inches or so, you might want to have a chat with your doctor to discuss what could be done to improve your situation.

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