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Anal Riming 101

Riming also known as analingus is the act of using one's tongue to lick or stimulate a partner's anus for sexual pleasure.

When it comes to rimming hygiene is a must. You can achieve this by; 

  • Take a shower first. Use a mild soap and a washcloth, and make sure that it’s cleaned thoroughly.
  • Keep the licking outside of the anus rather than pushing your tongue inside the anus. This will reduce your chances of coming into contact with bacteria
  • Use a dental dam. Using a dental dam significantly reduces the risks of getting stis.

What is the best licking technique? 

When it comes to anal rimming, you can try different licking techniques:

  • Try making your tongue soft and lick across the entire anus, as if you were eating an ice cream cone.
  • Move the tip of your tongue in a circle around the anus opening.
  • You can move the tip of your tongue up and down, right over the anus opening.
  • Lick up one side of the anus, in a sort of semicircle, and then do the same on the other side.
  • You can even push the tip of your tongue into the opening of the anus if you want but only if you have a dental am

What is the best position anal rimming?

Some of the best position for anal rimming or licking include 

  • Having the receiver lie on their back while on bed. Place a pillow under their hips and let them bring their knees up to their chest. That gives you maximum access. 
  • Having the receiver kneel and on their elbows and knees or bent over the bed as you lick from behind
  • Having the receiver sit on your face as you lie on your back in bed
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