Asexual when they are not interested in having sex. However, it could also mean that they are not attracted to anyone. Here are different categories of asexuality. For example, some people consider themselves as 'grey asexual,' which means they occasionally experience sexual attraction. There are also 'demisexuals' who only feel sexually attracted to people with whom they have a close emotional bond.


What causes it?

There is no known cause for asexuality. It is neither a mental nor a physical illness. It is also untrue that asexual people have been or are closeted homosexual people.

Most people who are asexual are pleased with the way they are.

Being asexual does not change anything about a person's behavior other than their sexual behavior. There is no way of telling whether someone is asexual by

Looking at them.

Some asexual individuals feel attracted to others and want to be in just without getting sexual. Others do not feel attracted or do not want any relationship. Asexuality is only the lack of sexual desire.


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