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Despite the common belief among men that sexual partners prefer big penises, the reality is that a man’s penis size has little to do with his ability to give pleasure. 

Sure, an above-average penis might be visually pleasing, and for some partners, it might convey power or excitement. 

Others might say that they like the sense of fullness and the amount of friction that a big penis creates during penetration.

But personal tastes aside, a big penis doesn’t add that much to lovemaking—and sometimes it’s more of a problem than a blessing.

When a woman is fully aroused (sexually excited), her vagina can usually stretch to a length of about five or six inches. 

A penis longer than that can cause pain rather than pleasure, particularly in certain sexual positions. In addition, most of the vagina’s nerve endings are concentrated in the first third of the canal. 

Therefore, the extra length of a big penis doesn’t add that much to what a woman feels.

Finally, a big penis might complicate oral and anal sex. It can make normally pleasurable experiences less enjoyable and in some cases even painful.

While men focus on length, it is actually girth (circumference) that tends to receive more attention from sexual partners. 

A thicker penis tends to put more pressure on the vaginal or anal walls, thus making it easier for the man to stimulate his partner’s pleasure centers. 

In the end, though, it’s not the penis’s size but the way it is used that makes the biggest difference.

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