Birth control: myths busted






Birth control makes you gain weight

There is no link between hormonal birth control and sustained weight gain



Birth control can affect your fertility

Whether you’ve been on the pill for one month or many years, you can get pregnant after you stop taking it



It is unhealthy to use birth control to skip your period

Birth control is safe to use continuously



Condoms diminish pleasure

Condoms don’t diminish pleasure. Condoms offer protection against STIs. Some ways using a condom can be made pleasurable and fun is to try and look for different types of condoms, for eg. different flavours and textures, using lube, and getting comfortable with using condoms.



All contraceptive methods can prevent sexually transmitted infections

Only male and female condoms can prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Other contraceptives such as the pill or IUD only prevent pregnancy, not STIs.



Anyone can use any contraceptive method. It doesn’t matter

Different contraceptive methods can work for different people. Someone who might not want to use hormone-based contraceptive methods might opt for non-hormonal or barrier methods. Factors like comfort, effectiveness and side effects also play a role.



Access to contraception makes young people more promiscuous

Access to contraception doesn’t make young people more promiscuous. It instead helps them make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. It also encourages young people taking agency of their body and health.



The withdrawal method alone is quite effective.

The withdrawal method is not effective at all, especially when it’s used as the only contraceptive method. The withdrawal method is only efficient when used with another contraceptive method, eg. condoms or birth control pills.



Contraceptives cause cancer

Contraceptives don’t cause cancer 



Contraception is a woman’s responsibility

Pregnancy planning is a couple’s decision, so is contraception.



Taking the pill can harm your unborn baby when you want to get pregnant 

Using the pill has not been linked to birth defects



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