Cervical cap

A cervical cap is a small latex or silicone cup that women put inside their vagina before sex. This blocks sperm and prevents pregnancy.

To be effective, the cervical cap needs to fit precisely inside the vaginal canal. 

During a woman’s first visit, her doctor will make sure there are no problems with the use of the cervical cap and measure the vagina to determine the right size.

How is it used?

During the first visit, your doctor will provide all the information needed to insert and remove the cervical cap. 

The cervical cap can be inserted inside the vagina a few hours before having sex and can be kept in place for up to 48 hours. 

The application of spermicides to the cup and edges of the cervical cap is strongly recommended in order to increase efficacy. 

Also if the woman has sex more than once during the same use of cervical cap, spermicide needs to be reapplied before having sex each time.

After sex, the cervical cap should be kept in place for at least six hours. Once removed, the cap needs to be washed with mild soap and water, air dried and kept in its box until the next use.

A cervical cap is a personal item and cannot be shared. 

How effective is it?

If the cervical cap is always used correctly, it’s effective against pregnancy 

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cervical cap? 




The cervical cap can be inserted before sex. This way, it doesn't interrupt foreplay.

 As a woman, you have total control of contraception with the cervical cap

The cervical cap can be washed and reused.

In most cases, neither partner can feel the cervical cup

The cervical cap has no side effects and doesn’t interfere with the natural hormonal levels of the woman.

Woman must carry the cervical cap and the spermicide 

The spermicide used in conjunction with the cervical cap can irritate the vagina.

It takes time to learn how to insert and remove the cervical cap.

If the cervical cap is left for too long, it can cause a strong smell or an infection

Where can I get it?

You can get the cervical cap in private or public health clinics.  Find a clinic near you in the clinic finder here (Link)


Does it offer STI protection?


The cervical cap doesn’t offer any protection against STIs. 

If you have sex and want protection against STIs, always use a condom. 

Also test for STIs at the beginning of the relationship. 

Avoid changing partners frequently.

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