Dental dams are a great way to protect yourself when you have oral sex or go down on someone.

Dental dams can be used for both cunnilingus (eating out a vulva or vagina), or analingus (rimming). These squares of latex can be your best friend when it comes to preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like genital herpes and HPV.

Dental dams are easy to use and can also be made from condoms and plastic wrap.

What is a dental dam?

  • A dental dam is a thin, flexible square of material (usually latex) that forms a physical barrier between your lips/mouth/tongue and your partner’s vulva/vagina/anus.

Why should I use a dental dam?

  • Dental dams can protect you from STIs because they minimize skin-to-skin contact and prevent the exchange of bodily fluids.

How do I use a dental dam?

  1. Carefully open the dental dam and remove it from the package.
  1. Place dental dam flat to cover vaginal opening or anus.
  1. Throw away used dental dam in the trash.

How to Make a Dental Dam From a Condom*

  1. Carefully open the package, remove the condom, and unroll.
  1. Cut off the tip of the condom.
  1. Cut off the bottom of the condom.
  1. Cut down one side of the condom.
  1. Lay flat to cover vagina or anus

Where can I buy dental dams and how much do they cost?

  • Dental dams are usually around 200-300 shillings each, but unfortunately, they can be hard to find.
  • Some health facilities have dams that are available for free.
  • Student health services at colleges and universities may have dental dams to give away or sell at a reduced cost.
  • Dental dams are available at some supermarkets and pharmacies.
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