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When you are flirting with somebody, it’s natural to hope that the other person will be interested in you and respond positively to your signal. Unfortunately, as any flirter would tell you, this doesn’t always happen. 

People might respond negatively to flirting for several reasons:

  • They are not in the mood
  • They are having a bad day
  • The timing is wrong 
  • They are busy with their friends 
  • They are shy 
  • They are not interested in you. 

Whatever the reason, your ability to detect negative signals early on will help you avoid embarrassment 

Once again closely monitoring the other person’s reactions to your actions is key. Any sign of uneasiness, embarrassment, or complete lack of reaction to your signals could mean that something is not going as well as you’d hoped. 

Here are some common negative signals

  • If you are trying to establish eye contact and the other person seems to be carefully avoiding looking in your direction, take this as a no thanks
  • If you have established eye contact, you are approaching your target to start a conversation and your target suddenly start talking to a friend or turns his or her neck back to you, it’s probably best to keep on walking 
  • If you’re talking to your target and he or she barely looks at you or keeps answering your questions in a boring manner such as Mmmh, Yes, Ok, No, sure, that’s a clear signal of disinterest. 

You might find other hints by looking at the person’s body language, for example, posture, expressions, and gestures. 

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