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Do I have to do an STI test?

You may have contracted an STI without having any symptoms and without noticing it. That’s why it’s wise to have an STI test in certain situations to make sure you haven’t contracted one.

Answer the questions below and check whether you need to take an STI test!


  1. Did you have unsafe sex, meaning without a condom?
  2. Have you had any other form of unsafe sex (e.g. giving a blowjob or oral sex on a woman)?
  3. Did the condom tear or come off?
  4. Does an (ex) partner happen to have an STI?
  5. Do you have complaints, such as pain when urinating or something else? (Note: You can also have an STI without having any complaints!)
  6. Are you in a committed relationship and do you both want to stop using a condom?

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions? Then there is a chance that you have contracted an STI. In that case it is wise to have yourself tested.

Did you answer all the questions with “no”? Then according to this checklist, you have little chance of an STI. To be on the safe side, feel free to take an STI test! 

Remember: Always use the pill or other contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. 

Where can I get tested?

Find a clinic near you in the clinic finder here (Link) to get tested.

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