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A person who is flirting with you doesn’t necessarily have a real interest in you. 

Some people are just after playful interaction of flirting- some fun, teasing, and playful chatting and nothing more.

Others see flirting as a game, a way to challenge themselves and to prove their ability to charm and conquer their “prey”

The professional flirters will approach you in the exact way somebody with a real interest would. The only small difference you might notice is that they act with supreme confidence

Compared to somebody with a genuine interest in you, a professional flirter is not worried by the possibility of failure. If the approach doesn’t work, he or she can simply move on to the next target. 

Unfortunately, unless you read minds, there is no way for you to know in advance whether somebody who is flirting with you is seriously interested in you or is just after some fun.

The only way to find out the person’s real intentions is to wait and see how things evolve. 

For this reason, it’s often a good idea to protect your feelings early in the flirting process. Try to figure out what is driving the other person before showing too many of your cards

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