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First Kiss and Showing Affection

Are you anxious about your first kiss? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It’s totally normal and okay to be unsure on how to do it.

It is normal to feel a little worried that your first kiss might not go as planned, but everyone is different. Nobody was born a perfect kisser. Unlike the movies, in real life, you might bump noises or knock into each other’s teeth but if you feel comfortable with the other person, you will probably laugh about it together. 

Showing affectation can be a great experience, if you are both ready and on the same page.

It might be useful to ask yourself a few questions about the other person before kissing them for example; do you feel comfortable around them, do you trust them and are you sure they want to kiss you back and have consented to it?

Think about why you want to kiss them. Is it to feel closer to them, show affection or do you feel pressured to do it to fit in or make them happy. 

For all these questions, you need to discuss them with your partner for you to be on the same page. If you are not on the same page, remember it is never okay to pressure someone into kissing.

Take your time and communicate often with your partner

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