There are several ways to flirt. Here are some of the most common ways to flirt

  • Eye contact is probably the most popular way to flirt. If you look at someone and hold your gaze for a couple of seconds when the person looks back, you are sending a message of interest. 
  • Smiling is also a means of communicating interest. When you smile frequently during a conversation, you emphasize your enjoyment of both the conversation and the person you are talking to. 
  • Breaking the touch barrier is another common way to flirt. When you gently put your hand on another person’s arm, or knee during a relaxed  conversation, you create a physical connection and test the person’s interest 
  • Another way to flirt is to reduce the amount of physical space between you and the other person. Moving closer to somebody is a way to capture the person’s full attention and to make the interaction more intimate. 
  • Whispering can be used as a way to flirt.  It gives you a reason to get closer to someone and creates a degree of complicity. 
  • Being entertaining and funny can be flirtatious. When you make an extra effort to be funny, you are making sure that a certain person enjoys his or her company. 
  • Making an effort to keep a conversation alive is a way to flirt. Showing interest in the other person is saying, asking questions, and introducing new topics whenever the conversation is slowing down can communicate attraction 
  • Paying compliments is another way to flirt. When you take every possible opportunity to compliment someone’s appearance or actions, you send a strong message of approval. 
  • Playful teasing, when done well, is another effective way to flirt with somebody. Teasing is the art of creating a bit of tension between you and the other person by playfully making fun of him or her. Just make sure the other person understands you are just joking. 


In order to flirt successfully, you have to be able to not only send these signals but also determine whether or not the person you are targeting appreciates your interest.

This way you will know if you should move forward or back off. 

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