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I don’t feel like performing oral sex: am I normal

You are certainly normal and you are not alone.

In fact, while people generally love receiving oral sex because of the intense sensations it provides, the excitement often disappears when they have to perform it. 

Oral sex is one of the most intimate sexual acts- if not the most intimate one. 

It a is very intense experience that involves all five senses (Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste) and often causes conflicting emotions.

Many people have no problem performing oral sex and they enjoy witnessing the pleasure they give to their partners

Others are not crazy about oral sex but are willing to perform it because their partners love it.

This is particularly common in long term relationships in which the strength of the feelings between partners prevail over personal tastes. 

Some people feel very uncomfortable performing oral sex because they think it is gross and awkward and choose not to do it.

If somebody tells you that there is something wrong with you because everybody else is doing it, that is a lie and the person is trying to manipulate you

If you don’t feel like giving oral sex or don’t feel ready for that level of intimacy, or you think it is too son in your relationship for that kind of sexual act, it is totally okay to say no or not yet and your partner should accept and respect your feelings.

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