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If you just found out that you are pregnant, you didn’t plan to get pregnant, and you don’t want to be pregnant, some of these thoughts are probably going through your mind right now:

  • This can’t be happening.
  • Why me?
  • How can I have been so stupid?
  • My life is over.
  • My parents will kill me.
  • My boyfriend will leave me.
  • What can I do?
  • What should I do?

And many, many more . . .

It is perfectly normal to feel numb and overwhelmed after receiving news like this; it just shows that somehow you already understand how drastically this turn of events can change your life.

As you probably already know, there are three choices in front of you:

  1. Parenting: having the baby and becoming a mother
  2. Adoption: having the baby and then giving him or her to another couple
  3. Abortion: ending your pregnancy

Each of these alternatives will have a profound effect on your future.

Let a few days pass, just to recover from the initial shock, and then start learning as much as you can about your three choices.

You should take the time to evaluate all of the alternatives thoroughly, but it is also important not to waste too much time doing nothing or ignoring reality.

For instance, if you choose to have an abortion, the sooner you do it, the simpler the procedure and the lower the risks.

Did you learn something?

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