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Love marks explained

Love mark is sometimes called hickeys

A love mark is a red mark on the skin caused by the rupture of a blood vessel. Love marks are often found on the neck after kissing. 

Love marks can happen when you suck on your partner’s skin for about 3o seconds or more. 

The sucking causes the rupture of a small blood vessel underneath the skin’s surface and the surrounding area becomes red. 

Love marks usually go away after a few days, after the rupture is repaired and the blood reabsorbed. 

Love marks are often given with the intent to mark one’s territory. 

Often a person who gives a love mark to his or her partner does it to make others aware that, sentimentally speaking, that the person belongs to someone.

The opposite might also be true: one partner might ask the other to give him or her a love mark to show off the relationship. 

Love marks are almost always the result of a voluntary action, but on a rare occasion they might appear accidentally as a consequence of an intense kissing session. 

Love marks are common only among teenagers and are quite rare among older people 

Is it okay not to want a love mark?

It is absolutely okay not to want a love mark. Actually, lots of people do not want them for various reasons. 

Many people don’t want love marks because they see them as gross or embarrassing. Others don’t like marks on their skin, or they don’t want everybody to know about their private lives 

Lastly some people are simply afraid their parents might see a love mark and get upset. 

Whatever reason is, your partner should respect your choice and not force you do something you do not feel comfortable with. Respect is the basis of a healthy relationship

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