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Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation happens when two or more people masturbate each other at the same time. 

Mutual masturbation is a good option for couples who want to engage in some form of sexual activity but are not ready for intercourse. 

Other people might use mutual masturbation as foreplay

Is mutual masturbation considered sex? 

People connect the word sex to the meaning that feels right to them based on culture, personal values and experiences. 

For many people, having sex involves penetration. For others sex also includes oral sex. For yet others, sex covers all activities involving the stimulation of sexual organs, including mutual masturbation. 

Regardless of personal interpretation, one thing should be clear to everybody; any direct stimulation of the sexual organs that is intended to cause arousal and that could lead to orgasm is a sexual activity. 

Although mutual masturbation doesn’t involve penetration, it is still a pretty intense and intimate activity. It shouldn’t be performed without a bit of forethought. 

Can I get any diseases from mutual masturbation? 

Although it is a relatively safe activity, mutual masturbation is definitely riskier than masturbation involving just one person.

The higher risk is due to the fact that mutually masturbating partners can exchange bodily sexual fluids 

For example, if you touch your partner’s genitals with the same hand that you use to touch yours, you hand could carry fluids from your partner to you or vice versa

This exchange of body fluids could allow passing of several sexually transmitted infections. 

Can I get pregnant from mutual masturbation?

The probability of getting pregnant through mutual masturbation is extremely low. 

A woman risks getting pregnant if sperms enters her vagina.

You can get pregnant from mutual masturbation but the chances are very, very remote. Here are two situations in which the woman is put at risk. 

If the man ejaculates on the woman’s body and some of the semen or cum drips down and reaches the woman’s vagina, there is a small risk that the cum will enter the vagina

If the same hand is used to stimulate both the man’s hand and the woman’s genital and traces of cum end up on that hand, cum might be unintentionally introduced to the vagina

To reduce the risk to almost zero, remember to keep some tissue or antibacterial wipes handy and always clean up the cum after the man ejaculates.

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