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Orgasm 101?

An orgasm is a series of physical and emotional responses triggered by the body when it reaches the peak of sexual excitement.

Regardless of the sexual activity being practiced (masturbation, dry sex, oral sex, intercourse, etc.), sexual excitement continues to build until it reaches its peak. 

At that point an orgasm is triggered and an intense burst of pleasure is unleashed.

In men, the pleasure of an orgasm is usually very intense but starts fading almost immediately. In women, the intensity is generally slightly lower, but it lasts longer.

The triggering of an orgasm is also associated with a series of involuntary actions. 

Men tend to experience rapid, rhythmic contraction of the urethra (the small canal from which urine exits the body) and the prostate. 

They also usually ejaculate, which means they expel sperm from the urethra, although it is possible for a man to have an orgasm without ejaculating.

Women tend to experience rhythmic contractions of the pelvic muscles, the vagina, and the uterus. 

There is usually no ejaculation associated with a female orgasm, but some women do expel fluids from the vagina.

In both men and women, breathing becomes faster and deeper during and right after an orgasm.

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