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What is outcourse?

Outercourse is a general term that refers to sexual activities that do not include penetration 

Different people interpret the meaning of outercourse in different ways. For most people, though it refers to all sexual activities excluding vaginal and anal penetration.

Some people exclude oral sex as well because it too involves a type of penetration. 

Why do couples engage in outercourse?

Couples choose to limit themselves to outertcourse for various reasons 

One of the most common reason is that the couple wants to become sexually intimate, maybe even to the point of reaching orgasm, but doesn’t feel ready for penetrative sex. 

Another reason could be the desire to save one’s virginity until marriage 

A third common reason is that outercourse can satisfy the couple’s sexual desires while at the same time reducing the risk of getting stis and almost eliminating the risk of getting pregnant.

Can outercouse lead to pregnancy or stis?

The short answer is yes but let us go into more detail. 


The risk of pregnancy is very low during outercourse, but it exists. 

During activities like mutual masturbation and dry humping without clothing on, if a man ejaculates and even a small quantity of cum finds its way into the vagina, there is a small risk of pregnancy. 


Many stis are passed through body fluids and skin to skin contact. Therefore, oral sex, mutual masturbation and even dry humping are all associated with minor risk of STI transmission.

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