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Over-masturbation: what is it

Over-masturbation is a rare condition which a person masturbates so excessively that the habit is almost compulsive or the person feels forced to masturbate. 

Over-masturbation can stimulate the over production of sex hormones and other chemicals that substantially alter the body’s chemistry. 

Like any form of addiction, this condition, can seriously disrupt a person’s ability to live a normal life

In men, over-masturbation can also lead to serious consequences such as fatigue, penis and testicular pain, inability to reach orgasm, leakage of semen, and serious stress to the liver and the nervous system. 

The treatment of over-masturbation involves helping and individual to overcome his or her compulsion and re-educating the body and mind to achieve a healthy frequency of masturbation. 

This is a challenging journey, best undertaken with the help of a medical professional or support group

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