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Whether it is from taking a peek at other men in the locker room or from looking at adult movies or magazines, nearly every man at some stage is assaulted by the fear that his penis is too small. 

But before you jump to conclusions, remind yourself of these three important things:

  1. Because of the way you look at your penis (straight down), you are always going to get the impression that your penis is shorter than it really is. This shortening effect doesn’t happen when you look at other people’s penises.
  1. The adult entertainment industry has nothing to do with reality. Given the nature of their jobs, porn actors are hired precisely because their penis sizes are way above average. Also, porn actors generally shave their pubic hair, a trick that makes the penis look even bigger. Finally, camera angles and close-ups are carefully crafted to impress viewers.
  1. If your friends’ penises look much bigger than yours, never forget that every boy goes through puberty at his own pace. Some of your friends might be taller, more muscular, or better “equipped” than you, but in reality, they are simply ahead of you in the development process. Also, keep in mind that the size of a flaccid (relaxed) penis is a poor indicator of its erect size. 

Therefore, the differences in the size you might have seen in the locker room would probably be much smaller if you could compare the same penises when they’re erect.

After clearing up potential sources of confusion and keeping in mind that generally, an erect penis is between four and six inches long, if you still think you have a problem in that department, it is probably a good idea to talk with a doctor. In this way, you can get a professional opinion on your situation and explore the options available to you.

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