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The penis does not usually smell. During puberty, however, several physical changes lead to a different and more persistent scent in various parts of the body. 

You start sweating more, especially in areas like the armpits and the genitals. Bacteria on the skin create an unpleasant odor when they break down sweat molecules.

In addition, a substance called smegma, which is made of dead skin cells, skin oils, and moisture starts forming on the glans or penis head. 

Smegma’s role is to keep the glans moist and to provide lubrication facilitating the movement of the foreskin up and down the glans. 

If it is left to accumulate, smegma starts looking like a white, cheese-like layer covering the glans and releases an unpleasant smell.

The best way to prevent body odor and the accumulation of smegma is to shower daily and to wash your glans. 

Warm water will do, or you can also use a mild soap. The glans is a particularly sensitive area, and using strong soap or lotions could irritate it and cause more serious problems. 

Smegma is produced by both circumcised (cut) and uncircumcised (uncut) penises, but it tends to accumulate less on circumcised penises due to the lack of foreskin.

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