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Should we always use a condom during sex?

Absolutely, yes!

Sex exposes both partners to the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease (including hiv) and facing an unwanted pregnancy.

Sex can be wonderful. It can make partners feel very intimate and push their relationship to a totally different level. 

But sex can also expose partners to serious dangers, causing them emotional distress and putting their health—or their lives—at risk.

Unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are unfortunately very real risks. 

Even scarier, most people who get an STI experience no symptoms. They feel and look perfectly healthy and continue to go around spreading the disease.

While there are several potential barriers against unwanted pregnancy, there are only two defenses against STIs and HIV: condoms and abstinence (not having sex at all).

A new condom must be put on every time you have sex, starting before penetration and continuing until the man pulls out of the vagina.

If you’re a guy, you should practice putting on a condom before you actually need to use one. For instance, try it at home while you’re masturbating. 

That way you won’t look clumsy in front of your partner.

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