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Tips on performing oral sex on a guy

Men are not the same, so it will take time to learn your boyfriend’s preferences.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that tend to be common among men and that you should always keep in mind when performing oral sex:

  1. Think lollipop and ice-cream cone. An in out motion is good but don’t forget to use your tongue as well. 
  2. Make sure your teeth do not touch his penis head or you might kill all the excitement in one moment 
  3. Keep your mouth and lips very moist. Saliva prevents unpleasant friction between your lips and the penis and it also enhances sensitivity
  4. Don’t squeeze too hard with your lips. Instead gently wrap them around the penis. 
  5. If you make and O with your hand, place it around the penis below your lips and move your hands and lips together. You will create the pleasurable sensation that your partner’s penis is deep inside you.
  6. Alternating types of stimulation (kissing licking sucking) and exploring different areas of the penis will give your partner different types of sensations and save your jaw from getting sore. 
  7. Another way to give your jaw a break is to alternate oral stimulation and manual stimulation (hanjob)
  8. Pay attention to your partner’s reaction will help you discover what works for him, before trying something different however, the best way to know if your partner likes it is to ask.
  9. As a whole, men are very visual and the sight of you performing oral sex on him is extremely exciting. Don’t leave him up there alone. Make eye contact for a few seconds every now and then. 
  10. When he gets close to orgasm or ejaculate, you will know by the way he moves, breathes and moans. Don’t change what you are doing; just keep on going
  11. During orgasm or ejaculation, some men become so sensitive that they should not be stimulated
  12. Do not stop stimulating your partner at the very moment he reaches orgasm; keep going for a few more seconds until the involuntary contractions end. 
  13. If he becomes too sensitive for you to continue with your mouth, you can use your hands
  14. If you don’t want your partner to ejaculate in your mouth, tell him to warn you and finishing by giving him a hand job

Important thing to remember

If this is not a long-term relationship you cannot be sure of your partner’s health, you must use a condom to protect yourself from stis.

Your partner’s sensation might be reduced just a little bit, but you will definitely be a lot safer.

And trust us: if you make it clear that the choice is between oral sex with a condom and no oral sex, no man will choose option two.

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