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Tips on performing oral sex on a woman

Not all women are the same, so it will take time to learn your girlfriend’s preferences0- 

Nevertheless, there are a few things that tend to be common among women and that you should always keep in mind when performing oral sex:

  1. Think moist and soft. Be gentle with your lips and tongue and unless she specifically requests a tougher approach, always go for soft stimulation.
  2. Make sure your teeth never touch her genitals, or all the excitement will disappear in an instant.
  3. Shave your beards, since it can hurt a woman’s sensitive and delicate genitals 
  4. Once in a while, swallow your saliva. Moist is good; too wet is messy and unstimulating
  5. Pay attention to your partner’s reaction will help you discover what works for him, before trying something different however, the best way to know if your partner likes it is to ask.
  • If your partner isn’t a talker, focus on her body language. If she moans, she likes what you are doing. And you should keep it in mind. 
  • If you get no reaction for a while, it might be time to change 
  • If she moves, she is probably trying to position herself better
  • If she puts pressure on your head, she doesn’t want you to stop; keep doing exactly what you are doing. If she lifts your head a bit, your motion might be too aggressive
  1. Do not interrupt your motion; keep it slow and constant 
  2. The clitoris is the most sensitive area of a woman’s genitals but don’t forget that the entire surrounding area is filled with nerve endings too. So be extra gentle on the clitoris and don’t limit your tongue in one area
  3. Keep in mind that some women react quickly to oral stimulation, while others require more time. Don’t lose faith; keep it up
  4. Use your fingers to gently open her labia majoria (vagina lips) and then ease your tongue into the inner part. 
  5. Fingering her and touching her G-spot will provide additional pleasure 
  6. Monitor the size of your partner’s vaginal lips and clitoris. If they are engorged, this is a clear sign that she is getting increasingly aroused. 
  7. Don’t limit your tongue action to a back and forth movement. Try adding variation- run your tongue around the vagina lips and around the clitoris, change speed and intensity and so on
  8. Rhythmic movement of your partner’s pelvis indicate that she is getting closer to orgasm and that you should keep on doing what you are doing without changing a thing. 
  9. During orgasm, some women’s clitorises become too sensitive to be stimulated directly, so pay attention to how your partner reacts.
  10. Continue to stimulate your partner through orgasm until she stops you because she has become too sensitive or until her spontaneous pelvic movements stops.

Important this to remember 

If this is not a long-term relationship you cannot be sure of your partner’s health, you must use a dam to protect yourself from stis.

Your partner’s sensation might be reduced just a little bit, but you will definitely be a lot safer.

And trust us: if you make it clear that the choice is between oral sex with a dam and no oral sex, no woman will choose option two.

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