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What are the basic sexual positions?

The most common sexual positions are as follows:

  1. Man on top (missionary): the woman lies on her back with her legs spread, while the man lies on top of her with his legs between hers as he supports his weight with his forearms. 

This is probably the most widely used sexual position. It provides great intimacy because the partners can talk, kiss, and maintain eye contact during sex.

  1. Woman on top facing man (cowgirl): the man lies on his back while the woman sits or squats on top of him with his body between her legs. 

In this position the woman is mostly in control of the depth and intensity of penetration. In addition, the woman can stimulate herself manually or by rubbing herself against her partner’s pubis. 

Men like this position, too, because even though they have less control, they generally find the sight of their partner riding them a real turn-on. 

Men also have easy access to the woman’s body for caressing and stimulation.

  1. Doggy style: the woman gets on all fours, keeping her legs spread apart, and the men kneels behind her and holds on to her hips. 

Most men love this position due to its animalistic feel—and the great view of their partners’ rear ends. 

Also, men are in almost total control and are free to determine the speed and depth of penetration. 

Some women don’t like the position because they feel they are being treated as animals or objects.

Other popular positions include the reverse cowgirl (similar to the cowgirl but with the woman facing away from her partner) and the spoon, in which both partners lie on their side with the man behind the woman (the woman pulls her knees toward her chest to facilitate penetration).

In addition to these basic positions, there are endless variations.

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