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What is masturbation

Masturbation is the stimulation of the genitals with the intent of creating sexual excitement, pleasure and often an orgasm

Masturbation is usually performed by hand but sometimes women use toys called vibrators. 

Why do people Masturbate?

People masturbate for various reasons, but primarily they do it because it feels good.

Another reason people masturbate is to release the buildup of sexual tension that can happen once the body has reached sexual maturity.

A person who has sexual urges and fantasies might not be in a relationship, or his or her partner might not be interested or ready for sexual interaction. Masturbation provides a way for that person to satisfy his or her needs while respecting his or her partner’s timing.

Masturbation is also a choice for couples who want to engage in some sort of sexual activity while avoiding the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. 

Is masturbation wrong?


There is nothing wrong with masturbation. Masturbation begins as a natural exploration of your body and your sexuality and for the majority of people it continues throughout life as a way to give pleasure and to ease sexual tension. It is absolutely harmless unless it interferes with your duty or social life.

Throughout human history, several cultures and religions have considered masturbation sinful and shameful, but nowadays most people see masturbation as a normal and healthy sexual activity. 

Masturbation myths 

Masturbation is absolutely normal and is performed by both men and women. Unfortunately, numerous myths still exist in our culture with respect to masturbation.

Here are some of the myths about masturbation 

    1. You can go blind if you masturbate too much. False 
  • Masturbation causes acne. False 
    1. Masturbation causes hair to grow on your palm. False 
    2. If you masturbate too much, you’ll become sterile or run out of semen. False 
    3. Masturbation stunts your growth. False
  • Masturbation makes your penis shrink. False 
  1. Masturbation is bad for your health. False 
  2. Masturbation can lead to homosexuality. False
  3. People who are in a relationship do not masturbate. False 
  4. Women do not masturbate. False
  5. Women do not masturbate during their period. False

Couples do not masturbate together. False

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