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What is online sexual exploitation?

Online sexual exploitation is when one manipulates another person to get them to do something sexual online. 

Online sexual exploitation can include blackmailing or forcing someone to send naked sexual photos or videos of themselves online or to perform sexual acts over webcam or FaceTime.

How do I know if I’m being sexually exploited and abused online?

It is online sexual exploitation when the person you are communicating with;

  • Sends you unwanted nudes without your consent 
  • Sends you pornographic videos without your consent 
  • Talks dirty to you all the time. 
  • Encourages you to watch them perform certain sexual acts, like masturbation, without your consent 
  • Encourages you to perform certain sexual acts that you are not comfortable with

How do I deal with online sexual exploitation?

If you are experiencing online sexual exploitation, consider doing the following:

  • Do not do what the exploiter wants you to do 
  • Do not respond to the exploiter messages 
  • Block them from all your accounts 
  • Deactivate all the accounts you have used to communicate with the exploiter. 
  • Speak to an adult you trust about it. It can be your parent or teacher or coach. 
  • Report them online if you can. 

The exploiter has shared my photos and videos online without my permission. What should I do? 

If the exploiter has shared photos or videos of you, you need to act fast to limit the spread of photos or videos. 

Try to do the following:

  • Get the photo or video removed by contacting or reporting it to the online platform used. 
  • Protect yourself by blocking them and reporting them online and also offline to the police.
  • Involve a trusted adult to help you.


  • Get help and support from professionals on how to handle the matters. 

Online sexual exploitation and abuse are illegal.

It’s never okay for someone to make you uncomfortable. 

If you think you may be experiencing it, it’s important to take the above-mentioned actions.

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