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Will giving oral sex make me famous

Performing oral sex won’t make you popular or famous. It is just an invitation for people to use you

During adolescence we all struggle to find our place to fit in with a fun group of people and to feel accepted. 

Fitting in is no problem for some people- good looking, charismatic, socially skilled and athletic people often achieve popularity easily or at least they never know what being invincible means. 

The same is often true for friends of popular people as they get to bask in the reflected glory. But for the rest of us, things aren’t easy. We all have to find a way to make others notice we exist.

But some of the ways people choose to escape anonymity are not worth the price and you shouldn’t even consider them. 

Achieving popularity by agreeing to give oral sex to a person you are dating or even worse to multiple people is definitely one path you shouldn’t choose regardless of how old you are, how much you care about the person and how ready you feel for such intense sexual act

Sure in the short term you might become very popular. Most people love receiving oral sex and your willingness will make you a hit.

But remember, it is not you as a person who will become popular; it is you as the provider of a service who will be in high demand. You’d be letting others use you for their own pleasure, just to achieve popularity

If you are trying to buy popularity with oral sex, you might not realize that you are making several serious mistakes: 

  1. You might be telling yourself that performing oral sex especially on people you are dating is not a big deal, but it actually is. There is a reason a lot of other people your age still don’t feel ready to perform it. 

Oral sex is a very intimate and intense sexual act and many teenagers and young adults are not yet ready to handle the strong emotions that come with it. 

  1. Giving oral sex to become popular sends a message that you have little self-respect. And when people see that you don’t respect yourself, they won’t respect you either. So you might escape anonymity, but you’ll enter a category people think they aren’t worth much. 
  2. The popularity you get from giving sexual favors will eventually fade. Once people get bored and move on, you will be left behind as someone who let other people use you for their pleasure.
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