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Will I lose my virginity?

No. Masturbation does not cause people to lose their virginity. 

A virgin is a person who has never engaged in penetrative sex- something that clearly doesn’t happen during masturbation. 

In the past, some people believed that intact hymen which is a thin layer of skin that partially closes the vaginal opening was a proof of a woman’s virginity

Given that vigorous masturbation could possibly tear the hymen, many young women today still fear that masturbation may compromise her virginity. 

Today we know that the state of a woman’s hymen is not a reliable indicator of virginity. 

In fact, many activities that have nothing to do with sex can cause the hymen to tear. 

Also appearance of the hymen is highly variable. For example, some girls are born without hymen while others have a highly elastic hymen that doesn’t tear even during sexual intercourse

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