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The scariest burst of my life!- Kaka 21

“We were not dating, but we had sex whenever we wanted.”

There are moments that have scared me in my life but nothing will come close to the time when I thought I was going to be a father at 20 years old. I had just started my second year in university and a few months in, I met this very beautiful girl. We were classmates and I decided to shoot my shot and asked her to be my girlfriend. She told me that she was not looking for anything serious because she was young and just wanted to enjoy life. She told me she would be cool with us being friends with benefits, which meant that we were not dating but we had sex whenever we wanted and I was more than happy to have that kind of relationship with her.

Always using protection

Things were great and our understanding worked well for us. We had sex when we both wanted to and we always made sure we used protection all the time. One night, we came back home from the club drunk and tired but we still wanted to have sex before sleeping. As usual, I put on a condom, had sex and we went to sleep.

A drunken mistake

My “friend” woke me up the next morning shaking me so much that I even thought a fire had broken out. She showed me the condom that I had thrown on the floor beside the bed and said that it looked like it was “empty”, which meant that it had somehow burst the previous night but we didn’t notice because we were too drunk to notice. She sat there breathing heavily and saying nothing. I sat right beside her with my hands on my head. What was I going to tell my mother?

Seeking help

After we were done panicking and blaming each other for what had happened, we agreed that arguing was not going to solve anything. We both knew about the emergency contraceptive pills but we had never had to use it before because this had never happened. She said that she was embarrassed to go and buy the pills so I told her that I would go and get them. On reaching the pharmacy, I could see the pharmacist giving me a judgmental look after I asked for the pills, but I got what I needed and left.

E-pills to the rescue!

She took the pills and felt more relaxed and so did I. Now we just had to wait and see if her period came that month or if she missed them, which would mean she was possibly pregnant. Luckily, she got her monthly period, though they came in later than usual. We were not concerned about HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections because we both knew our status and even though we were friends with benefits, we did not have other partners at that point. It was such a stressful period but I am glad that we both knew about the pills. I didn’t know how the condom busted, but I guess us being drunk was the reason why I didn’t put it on properly. I was happy since that was not the right time for either of us to be parents.


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