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Conversation Starters around HIV

It can be difficult and awkward sometimes bringing up conversations around HIV. But it’s important to have these conversations with your partner. 

Here are some conversation starters around HIV:


  • “Hey love, I got tested for HIV the first time about a year ago. Have you ever been tested?”
  • “I’ve never been tested for HIV and I’m kind of nervous to do it. Will you go with me?”
  • “Have you heard about the new HIV self-test kit? Do you want to try it with me?”


  • Before starting to date, always ask people if they know their HIV status. “What is your status?”
  • “I really like you and want to get to know you better. Do you know your HIV status?”

Safe sex

  • “ I am HIV-negative and I want to stay that way. Let’s talk about safer sex and ways to protect each other”.
  • “Thanks for telling me that you are living with HIV. I do like you and we can keep each other safe. Can we talk about safer sex options available for us?”“
  • If we are going to have sex, we need to use a condom.”
  • “Can we talk about sex? Safer sex is really important to me.”
  • “I was reading somewhere online about prep. Have you heard about prep?”

Hiv positive

  • “Before we take this relationship to the next level, there’s something I want to tell you. I’m HIV-positive.”
  • “There is something I need to tell you; I am living with HIV. Have you ever dated someone living with HIV?” 
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