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Flirting is like a game and losing or being rejected is part of it. 

If you flirt regularly, you will eventually be rejected. That is a fact and it is best just to accept it. 

The only way to avoid losing a game is not to play it in the first place which is definitely worse. 

If the person you are flirting with doesn’t want to talk to you for some reason, just accept it and move on. 

Remember that you are out to have fun and to meet new interesting people. If you let a few rejections stop you, you will achieve neither goal. 

Confidence is a flirt’s biggest asset

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have. People like to meet and be around confident people.

So when flirting it is important to project genuine confidence to show that you know what you are doing and saying.

Truly confident people know and accept that they can fail or make mistakes, but that doesn’t stop them or make them hesitant. The main strength is having faith in themselves and not being afraid to take risks.

Confident people accept their good qualities as well as their flaws. They walk with their heads held high and don’t shy away from eye contact. 

Surprise, surprise – confident people tend to be really good at flirting. 

How do can I improve my confidence

  • Build your confidence by taking care of yourself by building self-respect like taking care of your appearance 
  • Work on your weakness. If you address your weakness and start to see some results your self-esteem and confidence will increase automatically
  • Appreciate your strengths. Start appreciating your best qualities. 
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