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We all have mental health. It’s just like physical health where everybody has it and needs to look after it. 

Mental health is about our feelings, moods, thinking, and emotions. Feeling down, stressed, and angry is a normal part of life just like it's normal to be happy, confident, and carefree sometimes.

We all have positive and negative emotions and they come and go based on what is happening around us. 

Good mental health doesn’t mean being happy all the time. It means experiencing negative emotions and coping with them. It means being resilient, feeling in control, being confident, feeling good about yourself, managing and expressing your emotions, and building and maintaining good relationships. 

Bad mental health is also known as mental health illness. 

We all experience moments when we are sad, anxious, depressed, worried, nervous, sad, afraid, and angry. These are all normal emotions. However, when these emotions become severe enough that they interfere with our day-to-day functioning and these feelings become persistent over a period of time, then they can develop into a mental health problem or mental illness. 

Mental illness frequently interferes with family, social, and work responsibilities. Fortunately, there is an effective treatment to help individuals understand and cope with mental illness. 

It is important to acknowledge that we all have mental health and have a personal responsibility to learn how we can improve and maintain our wellbeing in order to lead meaningful and satisfying lives.

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Here are some signs you may be struggling with your mental health. If you recognize one or more of these signs, seek help

  1. You are having feelings of sadness or depression that last longer than 2 weeks
  2. You are having extreme mood swings and you don’t know why. 
  3. Your worry and anxiety has gotten out of control
  4. You have started withdrawing from others or isolating yourself. 
  5. You may have noticed you are having delusions and hallucinations
  6. Having more difficulty in dealing with life situations 
  7. You are sleeping too much or too little 
  8. You have started abusing drugs 
  9. You are having extreme anger outbursts 
  10. You have started thinking of self-harm and suicide 
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