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No condoms no Sex - Mark 21

“No condom, no nothing!”

So, I met this cute girl at the club pale Nairobi. We took some shots, and one thing led to another. We decided to call a motorcycle to take us to my place. I was impulsive; the girl was so beautiful, and I made the decision right there. She knew I was into her, so we didn’t waste time. When we got to my place, we did not waste time and got intimate. Because of the “heat of the moment”, we didn’t even use any protection, no condom, no nothing! At the time, it didn’t even matter.  

Could it be an STI? 

As I was caressing her the following day, I noticed that she had pus-like discharge on her thighs and around her vagina. I was so shocked and worried. What did I do? I had read about STIs and HIV before but had never interacted with anyone who could have it until that day. So when she left, I started contemplating whether to visit the clinic.

I Started experiencing excruciating pain in my groin!

Two days later, I started experiencing excruciating pain in my groin. I couldn’t even pee in peace; it was the most painful experience ever. I called my friend, who rushed me to the nearest clinic. I was diagnosed with syphilis but was advised that it was treatable. I was so scared that I thought I would live with the disease forever. The doctor recommended that I use protection before sex. I resolved never to have sex without a condom and to drink responsibly.




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