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Do ladies prefer men with muscles?

All women are different and are attracted to different things at different stages of their lives. Many men want to be bigger and more muscular because they think it increases their chances of getting the ladies, but here’s what women are really interested in when it comes to guys

  1. Honesty

When a man is honest and trustworthy women find you more likable, they want someone true to themselves and genuine in their actions   

  1. Open communication

Women are more attracted to men who know how to hold conversations and express themselves freely without feeling shy.

  1. Confidence 

Nothing can replace confidence, you may look great but if you lack confidence it shows and distracts from everything else

  1. A good sense of humor

This shows a man’s ability to laugh off bad situations and move forward positively

  1. A good listener

Women want to feel heard, valued, and respected, show them your ability to put our phone down and engage them in conversation

  1. Being passionate, driven, and having a purpose in life
  2. Kindness

Kindness suggests being respectful towards her, and others around you.

  1. Good grooming

Basic grooming like taking a shower, having a clean shave, and smelling good show that you take your time and make an effort to look good which women find attractive.

All in all, these qualities are not only useful for a happy relationship but happy life, just remember to avoid making it an act.

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