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"As they age, he realizes they have very little in common."

I have a friend who, when they were 23 and seemed to be the perfect person I knew. He and his wife always looked like they had fun together and made each other laugh. He was easy to live with and be around. But as they got older, he realized they had very little in common and that he was their relationship's only source of life and joy. So he made all the plans, initiated sex, decided what movies to watch, and ensured they didn't have the same thing for dinner every night.

“Things are starting to get thicker”

Eventually, he got bored and tired of the fact that he never wanted to go out. The relationship was just him, as he had very few friends and little need for socialization while he tried to do more than sit around and watch TV. Over time, their sex life became non-existent, and he said it was because he wasn't attracted to her anymore. After all, she had gained weight. It was because they had a very different sex drive, and eventually, he stopped wanting to try as he made her feel bad about herself. It hurt her a lot to leave because she loved him, but the fact remained that they knew they were not happy. It was hard for him sometimes, but he's glad he left.

“Maybe things might have been different”

He has stated on several occasions that he attributes the end of the relationship to the reality that they did not communicate. He says that communication is essential, and sometimes, he believes that if they had spent some time speaking and listening to each other, it might not have ended in that way. He is happy now, and he assumes so is she, but he believes that it did not need to complete the form it did simply because they did not speak to each other





  • Katnau Ibrahim
That is a very good lesson we need to take while in love
  • May 15 2023
  • 9:05 pm

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