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Do men also play hard to get?

Yes, men also play hard to get 

The following are reasons why men play hard to get;

  • They aren’t sure about you and how they feel about you
  • He might be terrified of being rejected because he likes you 
  • He doesn’t want to lose power and be seen as vulnerable. They avoid sharing their feelings because they might believe that that is how men should be.

Signs he likes you but he is playing hard to get 

  • He tries to make you jealous 
  • He tries to be very intimate with you, but only in the virtual world
  • He pretends he is busy when you suggest you meet. His response is usually that of he might come. 
  • He will not tell you he is interested or not interested 
  • He texts and calls you when he wants 
  • He is hot and cold. One day he is so good and nice the next day he is in complete radio silence 

What should I do when he plays hard to get 

  • Think about if he is worth your time and energy.  Is he worth trying? You need to decide if you want to date him or not.
  • Play his game. Show him you are interested, provide him with the attention he wants.
  • Confront him about it if things don’t improve. Ask him nicely why he is going with the hard to get. 
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